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Weed Strain Review Platinum Jack Strain – Marijuana Jack Strain Review

Platinum Jack is a phenotype of the acclaimed Jack Herer bread to be extra potent with a jaw-dropping THC percentage. This Sativa-dominant hybrid comes with a THC that measures above 27% on average. Depending on the growing environment, some buds have been measured to be above 29% THC. A suitable day time strain, this is the perfect companion for long-work day. After administering the strain, users immediately feel a rush of an uplifting effect that brightens the mood and gives a positive outlook of the world. Depression, anxiety, and stress quickly dissipate after the first few drags. Let’s have a look at the other features of the Platinum Jack strain.

Appearance Of Platinum Jack Strain

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The Platinum Jack strain buds are incredibly sticky due to the thick blanket of crystal trichomes. With green leaves and camel hue pistils, the Platinum Jack is not the most appealing among the phenotypes of Jack Here, but don’t let the appearance of the strain fool you. This is one of the best Sativa strains available in the market. Its high is uplifting yet the user is surprisingly focused. The leaves of the bud curl inwards towards the inner steam.

What Does Platinum Jack Strain Smell Like?

The aroma of the strain is described differently by most users, but certain features are more prominent and most users agree on the Platinum jack strain coming off as sweet, citrusy, candy, and zingy pine. Some users also claim a hint of oak, grapefruit, and parmesan cheese.

Platinum Jack and Its Flavour

When smoked the initial flavours that hit you are a citrusy-sweet taste with berries and a hint of spicy. While exhaling, you also feel a slightly toasted coconut and a trace of guava. The fragrance and flavour of the Platinum Jack strain has no resemblance to its appearance.

Psychoactive Effects Of Platinum Jack Strain

This strain was specifically developed to increase the quantity of THC, which averages around 29%. One of the most potent Sativa strains, this is the ideal cannabis for recreation with a wide variety of medical use. You are immediately hit after the first few drags and the high lasts for a long time. The high starts from the temple with an uplifting effect that makes the user happy and motivated to accomplish the task in hand. Whether it the professional work or simple household chores, the effects of Platinum Jack make any task interesting. For people in the creative niche such as writers and artists, the strain can spark creativity and your mind will be brimming with ideas. This strain can clear the artist’s block and give a life of its own to the project at hand. As the effects increase and the happiness heightens, you can expect being incredibly social, more laughter and chatter.

The high of the Platinum Jack is more cerebral than physical. If you want to use cannabis for sleep disorders, this is not the strain for you. As soon as the strain takes effect, the user feels a rush of energy that can at times make you restless. With the cerebral uplifting properties, the Platinum Jack has a variety of medical use other than treating sleep disorders.

Medical Use and Benefits with Platinum Jack Strain

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Within minutes of using cannabis, the user feels a rush of happiness that can drive away depression and fatigue. For a patient with depression, this is great temporary medication, for as long as the effects last the user is taken into a world of its own without any worry. The Platinum Jack strain is also great to manage stress, ADD, and ADHD.

Negative Effects With Platinum Jack Strain

There is nothing alarming about this strain, you would not expect any negative effects that do not accompany other cannabis strains. Some of the negative effects of the Platinum jack incudes cottonmouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and in extreme cases when the user overdoses with cannabis, paranoia can also occur. However, in most cases, the negative effects are mild and cannabis hangover is a rare occurrence with this strain even after its high THC.

Is the Platinum Jack Strain Good?

Good? The Platinum Jack strain is among the best strains of cannabis. It has a high amount of THC which makes it a great strain for recreation as well as medical use. A user feels an increasable rush of energy after administering this strain. If you are looking towards a long day of work, the Platinum Jack will help you accomplish the tasks easily. The tantalizing smell and taste of the strain only make it more alluring. If you have not tried this strain yet, give it a try and see what you are missing.

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