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Super Jack Strain Review, Is Super Jack Strain Good Weed

A descendant of the American favorite Jack Herer, the Super Jack is a Sativa dominant hybrid with the cross of Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. Being a high THC strain with a normal THC of 24%, the Super Jack comes off as sweet, fruity with a buttery aroma. A Sativa dominant strain, the high is mostly cerebral with a creative side that can get you through the day’s work without any distraction. Due to its mild nature, this is a great morning and afternoon strain. The mind-high makes Super Jack a great medication for mental disorders. Super Jack is one of the best strains available in North America. It has a good proportion of THC with a great overall effect that’s suitable for recreational and medical use. With every drag, the uplifting effects of the strain increases.

Get Things Done with the Super Jack Weed

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The Super Jack strain provides effects that are suitable for daytime use. It delivers a long-lasting energizing buzz coupled with a mental clarity that would allow you to complete the activities of the day without any hassle. It’s known to be a creative strain that sparks moments of creativity with clear thought and ideation.

The appearance of the buds cannot be called the most appealing in the world, but with its fruity and sweet aroma, the Super Jack strain would delight any cannabis admirer.

Surprisingly, even with its Sativa lineage, the appearance of the buds is remarkably similar to Indica strains of cannabis. The leaves are densely packed curled to the inner steam with a dark forest green hue and orange pistils. The good amount of sticky trichomes makes the Super Jack strain preferred for its kief.

When you first hold the strain, the predominant smell is dank and earthy, similar to that of wet soil, but as you smoke the weed, the fruity scent becomes more apparent that comes off as citrusy orange zest.

The effect of the Super Jack Weed takes hold quickly becoming apparent with signs like a concentrated pressure around the temple. Soon after the first few drags, the cerebral effect of the strain provides a mental clarity with inspiriting though that’s unique from other Sativa strains. Users can have a spur of creative ideal and can find the mind racing to find answers to complex questions. You could also start pondering in deep thought trying to solve your daily problems. A great strain for artists, the creative spur of ideas can often clear the artist’s block.

The strain is a great companion if you have a lot of work that needs to be done or just the mundane household tasks. It provides the uplifting effects that energize the body to do things that would normally require a lot of dedication. As the effects of the strain wear off, it provides a mild body high that is relaxing and relieves sour muscles.

Although the physical effects of the strain are not tranquilizing, it provides adequate buzz to relieve a wide range of medical conditions. A suitable strain for social events, the Super Jack Weed is recommended for dancing, exercise, and other physical activity. It also boosts libido, so if you have a problem getting excited or simply want to have a good time, Super Jack can help.

Medical properties of Super Jack

When we consider the medical properties of Super Jack strain, it’s second to no other Indica. Immediately after administering the herb users feel a rush of energy that relieves stress, anxiety, and depression. Users are taken into a serene state filled with positivity and a positive outlook of the world. As the cerebral high wears off, the herm provides physical relaxation that eases pain and fatigue.

This is an energetic strain. Although the effects can vary from one user to the other, certain effects of the strain are widely accepted such as feeling energetic, happy, uplifted, creative, and focused.

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Side Effects of Super Jack

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The side effects of Super Jack is nothing extraordinary that you do not experience with other cannabis strains. Some of the negative effects of the herb include cottonmouth, dry eyes, anxious, and dizzy. Some users have also reported experiencing paranoia when the Super jack weed is taken in high dosage.

The Super Jack is a staple Sativa strain that guarantees a good morning buzz. With a small amount of the herb, you can obtain a high lasting for hours. The combination of cerebral and mild body effects makes the Super Jack suitable for a variety of medical use. This strain can be enjoyed for both recreational and medical purposes.

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