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Jack Herer Strain Review, Buy Jack Herer Weed Online

Jack Herer is named after the renowned American Cannabis rights activists also known as the “Emperor of Hemp”, Jack Herer. The Jack Herer strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s the winner of numerous awards and recognitions. It’s obtained from the cross of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. The strain itself is the source of some of the great strains like the Super Jack, Chem Jack, and Lennon. With an average THC of around 20%, this cannabis strain packs a punch. In some phenotypes, THC can be as high as 24%.

The smoke is smooth during inhaling with fruity and herbal flavors providing a blissful, creative and clear-headed high. At no point in the high does the user lose their focus making the Jack Herer a great morning time strain. With 55% Sativa, the Indica properties of the herb make it a great hybrid sought for its cerebral as well as the body relaxing effects.

Whether you are a recreational or medical user, Jack Herer offers benefits that would make you fall in love with this strain. Jack Herer strain can sometimes get mixed up with Super jack strain. They should not be mixed up and you can see our review of super jack here!

A Great Start to the Day with Jack Herer

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The Jack Herer is a great morning time medication; it can turn you into a jolly, focused, and incredibly productive person. Most users who use the strain have reported an increase in their level of productivity and social interaction.

With sticky buds due to the high concentration of trichomes, the Jack Herer strain comes off as citrusy, lemon-orange scent with a hint of pine. With a minor 5% dominance of Sativa, this strain is a great balance between Sativa and Indica providing the best of both worlds. Due to its well-rounded effects that’s both cerebral and body-relaxing, the herb is adored by both recreational and medical users.

The buds of Jack Herer are not the most impressive in the cannabis world. They are Indica like shape with densely packed leaves curled to the central steam, pale and green leaves. When looking to obtain kief, Jack Herer is an ideal strain due to its huge quantity of trichomes.

When cracked open, the scent that dominates the senses can be associated with sage (an herbal like scent). This is a quick-acting strain with the high starting from the head and an apparent rush of energy. As the user progresses through the various stages of the high, the tingling effect spreads throughout the body proving relaxation but not tranquilizing. The user remains focused at all times of the high. After the body-relaxing effect, what follows is a spark of creativity and mind-alertness that has the user pondering for solutions and creative brainstorming. If you are an artist stuck with the artist’s block, the Jack Herer strain can have ideas flowing and kick-starting the project.

Even with the good amount of high, you never lose control and remain conscious about your surroundings. With all these properties, Jack Herer is the best morning time, work companion in the market. No wonder it’s a perennial favorite of cannabis lovers.

If you wish to grow the strain, the Jack Herer seeds are widely available across North America. But, this is not the strain recommended for amateur or unseasoned growers. Indoors, it takes about 6-7 weeks for the plant to flower.

It is believed that there are four phenotypes of Jack Herer, two are Indica dominant and two leans towards Sativa. However, the Sativa dominant hybrid is the most common and the one you might find in your local dispensary.

Medical Properties and Side Effects

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With such a great balance between Indica and Sativa, the Jack Herer is a highly beneficial medical strain particularly for patients with pain and other chronic ailments. Soon after you administer the herb, fatigue, stress, and depression go away. Patients experiencing PTSD, migraines, and other types of pain also benefit greatly from the strain. The Indica lineage of Jack Herer incites hunger and is great for treating lack of appetite and nausea. The common effects of the strain include euphoric, energetic, creative, focused, and cottonmouth.

The negative effects of Jack Herer strain are nothing you do not expect with other cannabis strains – dry eyes, dry mouth, dizzy, and in excessive dosage paranoia.

The Jack Herer is a great strain for first-time users or people with a low tolerance level. The mild-high coupled with alertness and complete focus makes the herb great for social settings and a work-time strain. If you want to enjoy a strain and focus on creative work alone, the Jack Herer strain is the right choice.

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